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Unlocking Airbnb’s Culture of Trust, with Aisling Hassell

How does an online hospitality company build trust among guests and hosts in more than 190 countries? Aisling Hassell, head of global customer experience, shares Airbnb's approach.


Unlocking Airbnb’s Culture of Trust, with Aisling Hassell

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Airbnb launched 10 years ago when roommates Brian Chesky and Joe Gebbia decided to rent out an air mattress on the floor of their San Francisco living room to make a few extra bucks. Now it’s a $31 billion hospitality giant that has created a whole new category of lodging.

Airbnb’s unique business model, which allows people in more than 190 countries to rent their homes to travelers, requires high levels of trust among not only guests and hosts, but also employees and managers. The company has gone to great lengths to infuse that sense of trust, inside the organization and out.

Aisling Hassell, global head of customer experience at Airbnb, recently joined me on the podcast to discuss the company’s culture and what it takes to build relationships with hosts in more than 65,000 cities. She joined Airbnb more than three years ago after leading customer experience efforts at Sage, Vodafone and Symantec.

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