Understanding the System

Understanding the System

Net Promoter® is more than a score—it's a way of doing business.

Understanding the System

The Net Promoter System supplies practical, actionable processes and methodologies for enhancing customer relationships, fostering individual and organization-wide learning, and growing the value of a company’s customer base.

The System builds on the Score and requires every level of the organization to be rigorously, consistently focused on the quality of customer and employee relationships first. Installing the Net Promoter System requires a strategic commitment by company leadership because it defines cultural values and core economics that affect every part of the business system. Here's how it works:

The link between customer loyalty and true, sustainable, organic growth is well established and provides companies with powerful, measurable financial incentives to install the Net Promoter System. Proper application of the Net Promoter System requires—and inspires—an entire organization to do right by its customers and employees. It is the business equivalent of the Golden Rule: Treat others as you would want to be treated.

Judging from the "core value" statements in most annual reports, the vast majority of business leaders want their company to grow by enriching the lives of their customers and employees. The Net Promoter System is a practical framework for doing exactly that.

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