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Designing the Glitch Experience, with Adidas’ Celine Del Genes

How Adidas applied Net Promoter®, social marketing and agile decision-making in its innovative Glitch campaign.


Designing the Glitch Experience, with Adidas’ Celine Del Genes


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It’s not easy to stand out in a market as crowded and competitive as sporting goods and apparel. But every now and then, a piece of gear strikes such a strong chord with consumers that the product lingers in their memory years later.

For Adidas, that product is the Predator cleat, with its distinctive rubber strips. Adidas first introduced this iconic shoe in 1994 and reissued it most recently in 2017 to high demand.

What did it take to building such a loyal following? Just ask Celine Del Genes, vice president, concept to consumer, for Adidas Football. She oversees the sports apparel company’s go-to-market strategy for soccer shoes and gear, managing key decisions about pricing, sales channels and marketing approaches. Celine is also a Net Promoter® practitioner and uses the method to gauge customer reaction to company initiatives and product design. She recently brought together social marketing, agile decision-making and Net Promoter feedback in a successful campaign to promote Adidas’ Glitch soccer cleat.

Celine and I recently chatted about her process and marketing philosophy. You can listen to our conversation on iTunesStitcher or through the player above.

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