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The System

The Inner Loop

The Inner Loop

Hearing direct and immediate NPS® feedback offers powerful motivation for employees.

The "inner loop" combines with the "huddle" and "outer loop" to make up the heart of the Net Promoter System. The inner loop offers a reliable way to enhance relationships with customers while promoting individual learning. It lets employees and teams hear both positive and constructive customer feedback directly and immediately, in the customer's own words. It enables them to follow up with any customers whose feedback merits, and it supports actions they can take to improve the customer or employee experience.

To help individuals learn and improve from customer feedback, effective coaching from supervisors or knowledgeable peers can serve as a sounding board. It can help the employee interpret feedback and generate ideas about what to do differently.

One of a coach's tasks is to help employees respond appropriately, separating the vast majority of customers who offer constructive feedback from the small minority who should really be encouraged to take their business elsewhere. The objective of the Net Promoter System's inner loop isn't to satisfy every customer at all costs; it is to earn profitable promoters by enhancing customer relationships while allowing your teams to learn and improve.

Running an effective inner loop often requires robust customer feedback management (CFM) technologies. These technologies automate the delivery of feedback requests to customers, alert when feedback suggests an at-risk customer relationship, and help organizations interpret and act on the voice of the customer.

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Early access to NPS® Outer Loop by Bain & Company powered by Qualtrics XM is available for sign up. This new solution developed jointly by Bain and Qualtrics will enable companies to manage their backlog of customer experience opportunities end-to-end.

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