Understanding the System

The System

The Net Promoter Score

The Net Promoter Score

Create a reliable metric to link improvements in customer loyalty to business outcomes using the Net Promoter Score.

Rallying any organization around the Net Promoter System requires that employees trust and believe that your customer metrics are reliable, valued, and understood by all. Using the Net Promoter Score as the foundation creates a simple, easy-to-understand, common language that is intuitive to almost anyone while also proving a powerful number with proven links to financial performance and growth.

To build trust for your NPS metric, it is important to apply your measurement approach consistently across the business and understand exactly what type of NPS you're measuring.

Fundamentally, there are three types of scores (and many variations in between). These help organizations measure NPS after an individual experience or specific customer journey/episode, at the relationship or brand level, and competitively—at both the experience and relationship levels.

Across all the types of NPS, you'll need to ensure a high-quality sampling, response, and question format. You will also need to understand the loyalty economics for your customers, quantifying, for example, the value of creating one more promoter from a detractor; this is often analyzed using relationship NPS. When all your employees know and understand how NPS works and how it impacts their customers, your Net Promoter System will have the foundation it needs to flourish.

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