The NPS® Loyalty Forum

The NPS® Loyalty Forum

Become a member of a global network for pioneering customer-centric leaders.

The NPS® Loyalty Forum

The world-leading NPS Loyalty Forum provides executives with exclusive access to Net Promoter System℠ best practices and transformative thinking on customer experience (CX), turbocharging their ability to excel at customer experience management.

Globally organized by Bain & Company since 2006 and hosted by NPSx, a digital venture from Bain that delivers cutting-edge tools and technologies in CX, the NPS Loyalty Forum brings together senior customer-centric executives from leading firms across industries to develop and share innovative strategies on customer centricity, experience, and loyalty. These ambitious customer-centric leaders convene for immersive workshops, stimulating keynotes, thought-provoking panels, and high-value networking events, all designed to to push the frontier of CX.

The Loyalty Forum is designed to help customer-centric senior executives: 

  • Gain new insights to accelerate the progress of their organization’s CX strategy 
  • Establish and share best practices and benchmarks 
  • Hear inspiring success stories from their peers 
  • Network and build alliances with peers facing similar challenges 

Membership of the NPS® Loyalty Forum gives you

Membership of the NPS® Loyalty Forum gives you

Members-Only Content

Members receive exclusive meeting info, videos, and presentations on the Net Promoter System.

Member Meetings

Member Meetings

Participation in member meetings is one of the most important ways our members use the NPS Loyalty Forum to accelerate progress in customer experience and loyalty programs.

Forum meetings provide a structured venue for the members' most senior customer-centric executive. Each meeting focuses on particular issues central to successful implementation of customer experience programs and introduces the latest thinking on innovative strategies and technology, presented by subject matter experts, including Bain partners and other members.

For companies seeking ways to accelerate progress on customer loyalty, the NPS Loyalty Forum provides unmatched access to best practices.

Forum Leadership

Paul Smith Senior Director, NPSx Marketing London

NPSx Global Marketing Director

Paul is an experienced marketing professional specializing in brand and customer experience implementation. Prior to joining NPSx, Paul was Director of Customer Insight at NatWest Bank, and has held senior marketing roles at Kraft Foods/Mondelēz.

Frequently Asked Questions


If your question is not answered here, please contact us.

  • What is the purpose of the NPS Loyalty Forum?

    The NPS Loyalty Forum provides an opportunity for senior executives of companies that are using Net Promoter disciplines to share best practices, network with others facing similar challenges, and help one another along the "NPS Journey."

  • My company has committed to using Net Promoter, but we're at a very early stage. Does membership in the NPS Loyalty Forum make sense for us at this point?

    The NPS Loyalty Forum welcomes companies at all stages of the Net Promoter journey, as long as they have made a serious commitment to using the Net Promoter System in their customer-centric efforts.

  • How does the forum operate?

    The NPS Loyalty Forum conducts four in-person meetings per year and a number of interim meetings on topics of particular interest to forum members.

  • Where are the meetings held?

    Forum meetings are typically hosted by member companies at their headquarters.

  • How are the meetings structured?

    Based on feedback from our members, our four primary meetings typically take place over the course of two days with the total meeting time covering a day and a half.

    As for the content of the meetings, we have been guided over time by input from our members. Typically, we spend a fair amount of time discussing our host company, including a session with the CEO, a presentation from the forum member, and a frontline panel. There are two or three "best practices presentations" by forum members, a presentation by a Bain partner from the Customer Strategy & Marketing practice, and a significant amount of moderated discussion on a variety of Net Promoter and loyalty-related topics. Attendees have many opportunities to interact, both over the course of the meeting and informally during breaks and over cocktails and dinner.

  • Which companies are members of the forum?

    The forum has about 35 members, including companies such as American Express, LEGO, Intuit, eBay, Progressive Insurance, Vanguard, JetBlue, TD Bank, Ascension Health, and Rackspace.

  • What is the typical member executive profile?

    The NPS Loyalty Forum is a senior executive exchange. Typically, member executives report directly to the CEO of their company and are the most senior executive responsible for Net Promoter efforts and/or customer loyalty within the company. Actual titles are less important than scope of responsibility within the member company.

  • I am interested in exploring membership in the forum. What is the process for moving forward?

    If your company is a Bain client, please contact your Bain partner. If your company is not a Bain client, contact Stu Berman. We will arrange a phone call to discuss your interest and, if appropriate, invite you to participate in an upcoming forum meeting on an exploratory basis.

  • Is there a fee for attending an initial meeting?

    No. The NPS Loyalty Forum does not charge a fee for attending a first meeting on an exploratory basis. This initial meeting affords a mutual opportunity for the existing members and the candidate member to evaluate whether membership in the forum is appropriate.

  • What's the next step in the new membership process?

    After the exploratory meeting, the forum management canvasses the existing members as well as the candidate member to confirm mutual interest in moving forward with membership. In the event of mutual interest, membership is offered and the company executes the forum's membership agreement.

Become a Member

Become a Member

To be eligible for membership in the NPS Loyalty Forum, companies must have the following characteristics:

  • Interest among senior executives in measuring and managing customer loyalty as carefully as financial reporting
  • Experience implementing Bain's Net Promoter System or comparable loyalty programs in at least a part of the organization (or a commitment to within the next six months)
  • Desire to contribute to the success of the NPS Loyalty Forum, including sharing their own information and best practices, hosting events and recruiting other members

Members each designate up to two named executives as participants in the NPS Loyalty Forum:

  • A vice president, senior vice president or executive vice president who is responsible for the overall customer experience and for creating customer advocates. Typically this member will be the most senior executive below the CEO who is responsible for the Net Promoter System (or comparable customer loyalty) and loyalty approach at that company ("Customer Loyalty Executive").
  • (Optional) CEO or direct report to the CEO who has title of president or general manager of a significant business unit (or equivalent) ("CEO-level Executive")
  • In each case, the member executives will attend events appropriate to their respective peer groups. In addition, other executives from member organizations may occasionally be invited to attend or participate in NPS Loyalty Forum events.

Contact Us

Contact Us

If you're interested in joining the Loyalty Forum and your company is a Bain client, please contact your Bain partner. If your company is not a Bain client, contact Paul Smith. We will arrange a phone call to discuss your interest and, if appropriate, invite you to participate in an upcoming meeting of the Forum on an exploratory basis.