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Fostering a Feedback Culture, with Year Up’s Garrett Warfield and Jess Britt

Net Promoter® feedback—collected early and often—plays an important role in helping Year Up fulfill its mission.


Fostering a Feedback Culture, with Year Up’s Garrett Warfield and Jess Britt

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Year Up has helped thousands of young adults leave minimum wage jobs and forge meaningful careers. Its one-year program has served almost 20,000 people since 2000, and the vast majority end up in roles at major companies or in college.

Delivering such strong results requires Year Up to balance the needs of its students, donors and the companies that provide critical support and internships. The organization has been using the Net Promoter System® to gauge those relationships to ensure that everyone’s needs are met.

Garrett Warfield, senior director of research and evaluation, and Research and Evaluation Manager Jess Britt say that feedback is simply part of Year Up’s culture. I recently had the pleasure of talking to Garrett and Jess about Net Promoter’s role in achieving the organization’s mission. You can listen to our conversation on iTunesStitcher or through the player above.

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