Happy Customers Push Chewy to Profits

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In our last post, we highlighted Chewy, the online pet supply retailer with a Net Promoter ScoreSM that crushes Amazon’s by 28 points in the pet category. Promoters build strong businesses, so while it may have been a surprise to Wall Street, it was no surprise to us that Chewy blew away earnings expectations when it reported earnings for the quarter ended Jan. 31, including its first quarter of positive net income, an important milestone for any e-commerce start-up. 

Sales grew almost 40% year-over-year, and while Chewy most certainly benefited from the increase in pet ownership driven by Covid-19, there was ample evidence that this performance was no pandemic fluke. 

Chewy’s net sales per active customer increased from $360 in 2019 to $372 in 2020, and engagement from new customers was 12% higher than previous groups, while marketing expenses as a percentage of revenue declined by almost 2 percentage points. Chewy also reported investing $60 million in higher wages and increased benefits for its employees.  

Highlighting these specific data points suggests that Chewy (like Amazon) understands that the surest path to financial success is delighting customers with the products and services they need, to the point that they want to give you more of their business.  

The fact that loving your customers goes hand-in-hand with financial performance hasn’t been lost on investors. Over the past 12 months, Chewy’s stock performance has been nearly three times that of the S&P 500.   

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