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The Secret to Happier Customers? Think Simple and Digital

Bain's Fred Debruyne shares how leading companies are tapping digital technology to simplify the customer experience.


The Secret to Happier Customers? Think Simple and Digital

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Telecom executives are under pressure from their customers, shareholders and other stakeholders to become more digital, to exploit the new technologies and opportunities that will enable them to deliver more services and operate more efficiently.

Some companies approach their digital transformation as a series of boxes to be ticked: mobile apps, better web services, more online transactions. But these companies are missing out on an opportunity to reinvent themselves. The most forward-looking executives will take advantage of this pressure not merely to digitalize their companies, but to deliver remarkably better experiences for customers.

In this episode, I talk to Bain Partner Frederic Debruyne. As head of Bain’s Telecommunications practice in Europe, the Middle East and Africa, Fred has been helping companies tap digital technology to radically simplify their customer experience, using Bain’s Simple & Digital approach.

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